Why Do We Get Hypertension?

It’s a well-known fact that HBP is another sign of aging (though it is not a rule). But still you are able to change the situation, if you start correct treatment when the first symptoms appear.

Actually, there are illnesses and medical conditions which may lead to hypertension too. Moreover, even some pills and medications can cause it.

Pressure is also connected with the hormones. So, all hormonal tablets or pregnancy also influence your blood pressure.

You should be aware of the fact that tablets used for birth control normally make the pressure a little bit higher (both upper and lower numbers). In case your own pressure is rather high, don’t take any hormonal medications until you discuss it with your physician. Don’t forget to exam the pressure while taking these tablets.

Elderly women often use hormonal medications in order to lessen the symptoms connected with climacteric. Such pills can influence your systolic pressure. Those people who suffer from hypertension and are eager (or in need) to take hormonal medications must know about all possible risks and complications.

As for kids (less than ten years), they may get high blood pressure because of other illnesses (problems wit kidneys). So the first step here is to find out the main reason and to cure it.

But in some situations even the best specialists cannot define exact reasons of hypertension. And then the only way out is to treat it correctly.

Now we’ll look closer at the usual symptoms of HBP.

Don’t be surprised, but hypertension often flows without any considerable signs. Only in some cases people feel slight headaches. For this reason, a lot of people live with high blood pressure for a long time and don’t even suspect it. And hypertension at this time may harm some vital organs like your heart, vessels and others.

Unfortunately, some patients get to know about hypertension only after they feel problems connected with certain organs. And these complications may be rather serious.

So, the only good advice here is to be always aware of your pressure indicators, even if you don’t feel uncomfortable. If everything is ok, don’t relax so easily, anyway it is better to keep the pressure in norm. The complications in case of hypertension are rather serious and unpleasant, let’s consider them:

We’ll start with the failure of kidneys, because the vessels are rather narrow in connection with HBP.

The process of narrowing also touches the arteries from all over the body, for this reason blood may circulate very slowly and important organs will lack oxygen.

Let’s Talk About Hypertension!

We continue the topic of problems with pressure, and now we are going to have a close look at hypertension (another name is HBP). This problem is rather dangerous, while it may cause serious problems with heart, a stroke, renal insufficiency and other harmful conditions.

You already know what we mean under the word ‘pressure of blood’, so if this pressure remains rather high for long periods of time, you may get various problems with vital organs.

The problem is also that in some cases people do not feel that their pressure is high. They simply live with it while it causes the appearance of serious conditions and illnesses (related mainly to heart and vessels).

So, from time to time it is recommended to check your blood pressure in order to prevent possible problems and hypertension especially when you take viagra kaufen. When you see, that the pressure is rather high, better consult the specialist and take the necessary treatment to prevent possible unpleasant consequences.

If we speak about normal pressure indicators, they are considered to be about 120/80 mmHg. But if to be exact, you see that these indicators are quite individual.

It is better to define your norm, but not earlier you will be eighteen. Please, take into account that some diseases my also influence the blood pressure.

Still, the pressure that is above norm is considered as dangerous and may become even higher. It is called a ‘pre-hypertension’; when a person tends to get hypertension as the result.

Some people think that if they had had high blood pressure and later they took some medications and felt themselves better, they may relax completely! Don’t make such a terrible mistake! Remember, hypertension is not a disease – it’s a condition. So you may have a relapse at any moment. You should always be aware of what to do, in case you pressure is high again.

Moreover, the upper and lower pressure numbers may be quite different (from various pressure categories). For instance it may be even 160/80.

The usual pressure of people suffering from diabetes or chronic problems with kidney can be 130/80 or even more. Also the indicators of high blood pressure depend on the age (kids for instance have another numbers).

Speaking about aging it’s necessary to mention that your pressure changes while you growing older (it usually becomes higher). The only way to make some precautions is to lead a healthy way of living and have enough physical activity.

Hypertension – A Group of Risk

In fact, a number of people all over the world suffer from hypertension. So, this problem must be treated in a proper way!

Sure, that high blood pressure doesn’t appear all of a sudden, it is usually predetermined by some conditions, problems or even person’s lifestyle. All these factors are known as risky. So here we are going to talk about various factors of risk for people with hypertension.


As we have mentioned in one of the articles, your pressure is closely connected with the age. For men this border is forty five or more years, and for women more than fifty-five.

But at the same time we must admit, that hypertension doesn’t always follow the process of growing older. HBP doesn’t have to be a routine part of aging. Still, everything depends on you – because each person can care about his\her own health. The only recommendation is to keep an eye on your pressure.

People, who suffer from overweight.

Fat people also belong to the group of risk to get hypertension one day. Here we mean those people who suffer from additional weight (usually extra fat).

Person’s Sex

Yes, your gender also counts. Elderly men are more likely to get high blood pressure in comparison with women of the same age group. As for the young females (aged from 20 to 45) they oftener suffer from hypertension than males of the same age.

Ethno factor

First of all we would like too say that high blood pressure may happen to everyone. But anyway Afro-American people are more likely to get HBP in comparison with Caucasians. First of all, people of this race may get hypertension rather early, should be more accurate and attentive to their health, and usually get the most difficult forms of hypertension.

Bad Habits

We cannot but mention the unhealthy way of life many people lead. Under bad habits we mean: a large amount of salt in your meals, alcohol abuse, absence or small amount of potassium in the ration, lack of physical exercises and of course smoking.

Additional factors

Let’s talk about kids and teenagers.

It is not a secret that many children and teens may suffer from obesity. So, in the connection with this problem (which may be caused by a certain disease) they may get high blood pressure very early, even till they are eighteen years.

Race factor also has influence when dealing with younger generation. The same is said about gender factor, and heredity.

The problem here is that kids are rarely checked on the presence of hypertension and complications may be terrible. .