Let’s Talk About Hypertension!

We continue the topic of problems with pressure, and now we are going to have a close look at hypertension (another name is HBP). This problem is rather dangerous, while it may cause serious problems with heart, a stroke, renal insufficiency and other harmful conditions.

You already know what we mean under the word ‘pressure of blood’, so if this pressure remains rather high for long periods of time, you may get various problems with vital organs.

The problem is also that in some cases people do not feel that their pressure is high. They simply live with it while it causes the appearance of serious conditions and illnesses (related mainly to heart and vessels).

So, from time to time it is recommended to check your blood pressure in order to prevent possible problems and hypertension especially when you take viagra kaufen. When you see, that the pressure is rather high, better consult the specialist and take the necessary treatment to prevent possible unpleasant consequences.

If we speak about normal pressure indicators, they are considered to be about 120/80 mmHg. But if to be exact, you see that these indicators are quite individual.

It is better to define your norm, but not earlier you will be eighteen. Please, take into account that some diseases my also influence the blood pressure.

Still, the pressure that is above norm is considered as dangerous and may become even higher. It is called a ‘pre-hypertension’; when a person tends to get hypertension as the result.

Some people think that if they had had high blood pressure and later they took some medications and felt themselves better, they may relax completely! Don’t make such a terrible mistake! Remember, hypertension is not a disease – it’s a condition. So you may have a relapse at any moment. You should always be aware of what to do, in case you pressure is high again.

Moreover, the upper and lower pressure numbers may be quite different (from various pressure categories). For instance it may be even 160/80.

The usual pressure of people suffering from diabetes or chronic problems with kidney can be 130/80 or even more. Also the indicators of high blood pressure depend on the age (kids for instance have another numbers).

Speaking about aging it’s necessary to mention that your pressure changes while you growing older (it usually becomes higher). The only way to make some precautions is to lead a healthy way of living and have enough physical activity.