Hypotension - What Is It?

Sometimes you notice that your blood pressure is far from the norm. Under blood pressure we mean the pressure on the vessels of the blood that circulates. By the way the process of circulation is extremely important while it gives us ability to live; our heart rhythm and frequency of breathing depend on it. Blood comes through arteries (from the heart) and in such a way the pressure appears.

We usually distinguish a person’s pressure with the help of two numbers – the upper and lower, which correspond to systolic and diastolic pressure. There is a certain norm - 120/80. The upper part (systolic indicator) shows us arteries’ and heart muscle blood pressure (while blood is pumped into the arteries). As for the lower part (diastolic indicator) it shows the pressure after the relaxation of the heart muscle. Normally we get higher pressure when heart squeezes and lower in case it relaxes.

In this article we want to talk more about hypotension or LBP. If people suffer from low pressure it means that blood circulates through the vessels very slowly. When such a situation appears, our important organs start suffering from the lack of oxygen and necessary elements. Under these organs we men heart, brain and so on. In case of constant hypotension they may be seriously hurt.

What are the exact numbers of LBP? Maybe you’ll be surprised, but each individual may have various indicators of normal blood pressure. So, in order to recognize hypotension, you shouldn’t look at the indicators but better pay attention at its symptoms and signs.

Is hypotension harmful for the organism?

First of all, we want to mention that any problem connected with blood circulation may be dangerous for the overall health. And LBP can also lead to certain problems with heart (even to a rush) or diseases of the kidney. Sportsmen, those who have physical activity, go in for bodybuilding, don’t smoke, have normal weight are usually more likely to suffer from hypotension. But when the pressure’s indicator becomes too law, people start feeling real discomfort.

How to recognize low pressure?

Believe us, it is not a difficult task. You’ll feel it immediately. In case of hypotension, a person’s brain doesn’t get enough of oxygen and for this reason you may feel the following: headache, oxygen and nutrients, and a person can feel giddiness or some may even lose consciousness.

Pregnancy And Hypertension

As you already know, problems with HBP are common for people of any age, nationality and social status. But in fact, there are those, whose risk is much higher to suffer from hypertension in comparison with others.

Here we want to talk about hypertension and pregnant women. What to do if you are pregnant and at the same time you suffer from HBP? Don’t be afraid, a lot of women with hypertension give birth to normal infants, who are rather healthy. Still, we have no right to ignore the pressure problem while pregnancy, because if not treated, HBP may be harmful for mother and her future baby. Besides, because of hypertension even certain complications may appear. Still, a number of women can get high blood pressure when they are already pregnant.

Its symptoms may be also different in the strength. The pressure of some women become a little bit higher, but some others feel themselves even worse. The point is that vital organs of the pregnant woman may be hurt and it can be harmful for the baby. In such cases infants may be born earlier or they may have a small weight. Very often a preeclampsia appears.

Let’s talk about this condition in detail. Preeclampsia is a problem, when pregnant women suffer from toxicosis, but no at the beginning of the pregnancy (as usual) but in twenty weeks. This condition is also related to hypertension and complications on the kidney. Preeclampsia harms first of all placenta, and can also touch liver and kidney. This problem is really dangerous, so it is highly recommended to take some precautions and right treatment.

Unfortunately, there are no methods that will help to avoid preeclampsia. The only thing that can relieve your suffering is to give birth to a child.

Another interesting question is the statistics and the probability of your having this condition. So, according to the numbers, hypertension happens among six or eight per cent of the pregnant women in the United States, and approximately seventy % of these women are bearing their first babies.

What are the main risk factors?

  • First and foremost to this group belong women suffering from constant high blood pressure.
  • These are also those, who suffered from preeclampsia when they were pregnant for the 1st time.
  • Women, whose weight is abnormal.
  • As for the age group, more likely to get preeclampsia are women under twenty years or those over forty-five.
  • Those who are bearing two or more infants.
  • Women, who have problems with kidney, suffer from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and others.