Why Do We Get Hypertension?

It’s a well-known fact that HBP is another sign of aging (though it is not a rule). But still you are able to change the situation, if you start correct treatment when the first symptoms appear.

Actually, there are illnesses and medical conditions which may lead to hypertension too. Moreover, even some pills and medications can cause it.

Pressure is also connected with the hormones. So, all hormonal tablets or pregnancy also influence your blood pressure.

You should be aware of the fact that tablets used for birth control normally make the pressure a little bit higher (both upper and lower numbers). In case your own pressure is rather high, don’t take any hormonal medications until you discuss it with your physician. Don’t forget to exam the pressure while taking these tablets.

Elderly women often use hormonal medications in order to lessen the symptoms connected with climacteric. Such pills can influence your systolic pressure. Those people who suffer from hypertension and are eager (or in need) to take hormonal medications must know about all possible risks and complications.

As for kids (less than ten years), they may get high blood pressure because of other illnesses (problems wit kidneys). So the first step here is to find out the main reason and to cure it.

But in some situations even the best specialists cannot define exact reasons of hypertension. And then the only way out is to treat it correctly.

Now we’ll look closer at the usual symptoms of HBP.

Don’t be surprised, but hypertension often flows without any considerable signs. Only in some cases people feel slight headaches. For this reason, a lot of people live with high blood pressure for a long time and don’t even suspect it. And hypertension at this time may harm some vital organs like your heart, vessels and others.

Unfortunately, some patients get to know about hypertension only after they feel problems connected with certain organs. And these complications may be rather serious.

So, the only good advice here is to be always aware of your pressure indicators, even if you don’t feel uncomfortable. If everything is ok, don’t relax so easily, anyway it is better to keep the pressure in norm. The complications in case of hypertension are rather serious and unpleasant, let’s consider them:

We’ll start with the failure of kidneys, because the vessels are rather narrow in connection with HBP.

The process of narrowing also touches the arteries from all over the body, for this reason blood may circulate very slowly and important organs will lack oxygen.